Disadvantages and advantages of cycling every day(I)

Bicycle is the most traditional tool of riding instead of walk. However, with the improvement of living standards, cycling is no longer a vehicle for walking, but a sport for people who like sports. Not only does cycling not cause traffic jams, but it is also environmentally friendly. The most important thing is to exercise. It can be said that it is a lot of work. Cycling has its advantages, but we can’t ignore its disadvantages.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

The advantages of cycling

Bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome cardiac dysfunction. Cycling can not only compress blood activity by the movement of the legs, but also pull notes from the end of blood vessels to the dirty. In fact, it also strengthens the microvascular tissue, which is called collateral circulation.


Habitual cycling enlarges your heart. Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. It can also prevent obesity, vascular sclerosis, and make the skeleton strong.


Bicycle is a tool to lose weight. According to statistics, 75 kilograms of people can lose half a kilogram of weight when they ride 73 miles at a speed of 9.5 miles per hour, but they must persevere every day. Cycling can not only reduce weight, but also make your body more symmetrical and attractive.


Cycling compresses blood vessels, speeds up blood circulation, and the brain takes in more oxygen, so you take in more fresh air. Help to release the pressure of life and work. Bicycles can take you sightseeing free of charge and make more friends.

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