Have an Insight into Marketing (I)

If you cannot be seen, you can only wait to meet. In the near future, I found a very interesting phenomenon. I opened up the customer’s service diary before I knew what the customer’s real needs in online marketing were. It is nothing more than wanting to let more people see the brand or product through online marketing. Only when the customer’s product is seen by the user can the business grow.

Marketing is a topic that will always be discussed because it relates to the business growth of a company or brand. Traditional marketing, such as online marketing, mobile online marketing. In other words, the functions and concepts of marketing have their true meaning in every era, but the way they behave is different. Behind every marketing is the expectation of carrying a company or brand, all want to get the real growth brought by marketing.Steel Pipe Suppliers Whether it’s user growth or business growth; whether it’s the increase in the number of fans or the increase in downloads, it’s a real problem: Is your marketing okay?

Marketing is a profession that makes people happy and worrying. The discovery and presentation of the marketing concept are presented with perfection, which may bring immediate results. However, more often than not, there is a big paradox. There has never been any marketing that is perfect, and there has never been any marketing that is static. If you say that what is the biggest variable in the business world, it should be said that marketing is one of them.

Imperfection is marketing. Behind every marketing, there are two sides in it. If there is good, there will be bad in it. It is just to hold such a thinking: the two evils are taken lightly, and the two interests are taken seriously. The heavy weight is determined by the trade-off between profit and loss. Based on this perspective, marketing will become more realistic. Is the development of online marketing completely out of traditional marketing? Obviously not, they are a process of mutual promotion and mutual adaptation. Under the continuous development of Internet technology, network marketing is more suitable for the current environment, and greatly promotes the update of marketing concepts, making many ideas that cannot be completed in the traditional marketing era realized in network marketing. This is an improvement of the times, but also the promotion of marketing. When Kotler proposed the digital 4R marketing theory, it proved that the development of Internet technology brought such a huge change to marketing.

Marketing changes began to take place in online marketing, changing on the mobile Internet, and leapfrogging in the future of intelligent Internet. When these Internet technologies continue to be deeply integrated with marketing, they find that the form of marketing becomes more and more diversified, personalized, fragmented and humanized. It has brought about a multi-dimensional change for the brand’s choice and decision-making in marketing, and provided the development possibility for more small and medium-sized brands. This is a revolution of the times and a rise of an era. When you are still hesitating, more and more small and medium-sized brands have gone further and further on the road of online marketing, the change depends on the huge energy that marketing has exploded on the network.

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