Several Apple Mobile Phones are Banned(II)

When this announcement came out, the fans of iPhone was shocked. What a tragic thing it was. Just as the fans of iPhone was in a state of extreme loss, Apple came out and said that Qualcomm was trying to ban “our products, another desperate act of the company. Its illegal actions are being investigated by global regulators. At present, the iPhone is sold with the IOS 12 operating system, and Apple has not violated relevant patents.” Apple also said that Chinese consumers can still buy all models of the iPhone. Apple has questioned the scope of the ban.Steel Pipe Suppliers

In response, Donald Rosenberg, executive vice president and general legal adviser of Qualcomm, said that Apple had been benefiting from Apple’s intellectual property rights, but refused to pay Qualcomm for it. The court decision is a further recognition of Qualcomm’s extensive patent portfolio strength.

Public data show that nearly 20% of Apple’s revenue in 2018 comes from China. Since 2018, Apple has been surpassed by Huawei, a Chinese mobile phone maker, and ranked third (the first two are Samsung and Huawei). According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, MobData data shows that Huawei, OPPO, vivo and millet have a total market share of 80% in China.

According to Hong Kong’s top financial website, sales of smart-phones in China fell 13% in the third quarter of this year, the fourth consecutive quarter, according to Counterpoint Research.

Data from different sources show that Apple’s sales in China have slipped from the top three to the sixth, which is an indisputable fact. Apple, which lost its second place in the world, is moving closer to Samsung in the Chinese market. Apple’s CEO says, “China does not like apples anymore.” Reporters have learned from many channels that Apple China dealers are actively watching the development of this matter, and basically suspended the demand for continued pickup goods.

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