The Chinese Technological Innovation Attracts the World’s Exploration (I)

In 2019, the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show officially opened on the 8th, and about 4,500 companies from more than 150 countries and regions participated in the exhibition.

On January 8, China’s 2018 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held. On January 9, Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology of China, said that in 2018, China’s scientific and technological innovation capability has been greatly enhanced, the main scientific and technological innovation indicators have steadily increased, and the country’s comprehensive innovation capability ranks 17th in the world. When China’s technological innovation gradually entered the world’s advanced level, in addition to admiration, could not help but begin to actively explore the “secret” of China’s rapid technological innovation.square steel tubing for sale

The “Chang’e IV” detector successfully landed on the back of the moon on the 3rd of the pre-selected landing zone, and passed back to the world’s first lunar back image through the relay communication satellite “Yuanqiao”. China became the world’s first country that landing on the back of the moon. The British authoritative magazine “Nature” article said that the “Chang’e IV” detector successfully took the historic step of China’s lunar exploration and global lunar exploration program. China’s “Beidou” satellite navigation system has also received much attention. The British website published on January 3rd that Beijing has recently launched its navigation system with a cost of 7 billion pounds (about 61 billion yuan) two years earlier than scheduled. After launching 18 satellites in 2018, China now has more than 40 Beidou satellites operating in space, while the United States has 31 GPS satellites. These are just two examples. In fact, China’s technological innovation has developed in an all-round way.

The Financial Times of the United Kingdom noticed an increase in Chinese technology patents. According to the analysis of the report, China was the only country in the past year that its enterprises obtained an increase in the number of technology patents in the United States. These data from the “American Commercial Patent Database” IFI Claims highlight China’s growing technological capabilities. Larry Kadi, a senior analyst at IFI, said that China is even expected to surpass Germany in terms of the company’s officially recognized intellectual property advances. A recent analysis by the US Patent and Trademark Office also showed that in 2018, inventors working for Chinese companies received 12,589 US patents, an increase of 12% over the previous year, 10 times that of 1223 10 years ago.

How can Chinese technology surprise the world again and again?

China’s investment in research and development has become the focus of attention of all parties. According to data from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, in 2018, the proportion of research and experimental development expenditures in the whole society is expected to be 2.15%. The total number of R&D personnel is expected to reach 4.18 million, ranking first in the world. According to Nature’s report, China will announce its 2018 R&D spending by the end of 2019, when China may become the country with the largest R&D expenditure in the world.

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