The First Anniversary of Hawking’s Death: He Answered These Problems During His Lifetime (V)

When we return to the Big Bang in time, the universe becomes smaller and smaller, until it finally reaches such a degree that the whole universe is such a small space, it is actually an infinitesimal and infinite dense black holes.Mini electric scooter manufacturer Like the modern black hole floating in space, the laws of nature determine something very special. They tell us that time itself must stop here. Because there is no time before the big bang, you can’t reach the moment before the big bang. We finally found something that has no reason, because there is no time for a reason to exist. For me, this means no possibility of a Creator, because there is no time for the Creator to exist. People want to get big questions, like why we are here. They estimate that the answer will not be simple, so they are ready to try to understand. When people ask if a god created the universe, I tell them that the question itself is meaningless. There was no time before the big bang, so there was no time for God to create the universe. It is like asking the direction of the edge of the earth – the surface of the earth is a sphere with no edges, so finding its edges is futile.

Why the earth is not visited by others? Is there other lives exist in the universe?

When we explore the Milky Way, what is the chance we encounter an alien life form?Mini electric scooter supplier  If the argument for the time scale of life on Earth is correct, there should be many other stars with life on the planet. Some of these star systems may have formed five billion years before the Earth. So why is the Milky Way not covered with self-designed mechanical or biological life forms? Why are the Earth not visited or even colonized by them? By the way, I don’t quite believe that UFOs carry claims from outer space creatures because I think any visit by aliens will be much more obvious – and perhaps even more unpleasant. So why haven’t we been visited? Perhaps the probability of life occurring automatically is so low that the Earth is the only planet in the Milky Way or in the observable universe. Another possibility is that there is a reasonable probability of forming a self-replicating system, such as cells, but most of these forms of life have not evolved wisdom. We used to think that smart life is the inevitable consequence of evolution, but what if it is not? The principle of human existence should warn us to be alert to these arguments. Evolution is more likely to be a stochastic process, and wisdom is just one of many possible outcomes. It is not clear whether wisdom has any long-term survival value. If all other life on Earth is destroyed by us, bacteria and other single-celled organisms may continue to exist. From the perspective of the evolutionary chronology, perhaps life on Earth is unlikely to evolve wisdom, because it takes a long time from single cells to multicellular organisms – 2.5 billion years,electric scooter for Adult  and multicellular organisms are a prerequisite for wisdom. Under this situation, we may find the other forms of lives, but may not smart lives.


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