The Legend of the Solar System Frontier – Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud (IV)

Seven stars like binary have been observed by ground observers and the Hubble Space Telescope. The most familiar Pluto and its satellite card comet are such a pair of double stars. The diameter of a typical satellite is only a few percent of the planet,galvanized steel pipe supplier the mass does not exceed 2%, and the ratio of the moon to the Earth is only 0.012. And the quality of the Guardian One – Card Star and Pluto is about 10%, they are actually a pair of “sisters” double stars, the system center of the two has fallen outside of Pluto. In other words, Card Comet and Pluto are intertwined with each other around a point!

The Kuiper belt with a mass of only two-tenths of the Pluto’s double-stranded body, the 1998WW31, is clearly moving like a waltz in people’s sights. The orbits they walked were the most eccentric of all the stars. In this “waltz dance”, they were only 4,000 kilometers away from each other, and reached 40,000 kilometers when they were far away. Such a “travel” way makes it impossible to speculate whether their temperature is inherently the same, or is it because of a collision, is it the result of a big celestial split? stainless steel pipe supplier Or is it a combination of all the above? Anyway, They are a mystery of the solar system. But it is through the analysis of their unique “waltz steps” that astronomers can estimate the quality of these distant objects, and based on their mutual occlusion, they can estimate their volume, and thus the density and possibility of matter. The composition.

The common feature of the Kuiper belt binary system is that the two small celestial bodies are similar in size and move around each other, but the distance is very distant, usually dozens or even thousands of times the radius of the larger celestial body. They are different from the “double star” system of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists believe that the “double star” of the asteroid belt is formed by collision, cracking and re-accumulation of celestial bodies, and the binary system in the Kuiper belt is too many, the two celestial body spacing is also generally too far, it is difficult to explain with impact. seamless steel pipe supplier Scientists at the California Institute of Technology in recent years have suggested that these binary systems should be formed by gravitationally binding two otherwise unrelated celestial bodies. As more Kuiper belt objects are discovered, this hypothesis can be tested more rigorously.

The Kuiper movement with a double star may reveal the final answer to the mystery of the origin and evolution of the solar system and the planetary system. Now we still observe that the Kuiper belt celestial body does not stop feeding the dust belt near the sun by collision, and the larger planet “grows” by capturing the dust. In the early solar system, a large number of asteroids may have approached, crowded, and eventually merged into a large planet in the motion of the Kuiper band, and began to steadily revolve around the sun.

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