Very Famous Landscape In China(I)

I recommend all tourists to consider travel route for China trips. Why? Below landscapes may tell you what is splendid natural scenery, how spectacular they are!


The First Wonderful Mountain in the WorldMount Huangshan

Huangshan is known as “the world’s first strange mountain”. steel pipes manufacturers It can be said that there is no stone, no peak, no stone, no pine, no miracle.

It is famous for the “Four Wonders of Huangshan Mountain”. It has peculiar pine trees, peculiar stones, clouds and hot springs. People who have traveled all over Huangshan say that the theme of Huangshan is in the clouds.steel pipes manufacturers


When people bow to the clouds on the top of the mountain, they will see endless clouds, such as the clouds on the seashore, turbulent clouds, splashing like waves. Huangshan, Yunhai, the scenery is unique.

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