An electric motor

After enter begin signal, motor from stationary state drives slide accelerate downwards by way of pinion and gearwheel, automatic press machine, motor cease accelerating after reaching required velocity by pre-set blow power, Kinetic energy saved by gearwheel works, e.g. forming work.

In an effort to supply the oil-hydraulic motors, an oil station is required which contains an electric motor, oil pump, excessive-strain accumulator and management gadgets as well as units for filtering and cooling the oil, and which in addition to the press is disposed on the office floor, in a basement or on a scaffold and is related to the oil-hydraulic motors by way of versatile high-strain ducts which compensate for the actions of the press.

If in case you have any demand about microwave drying equipment and edible oil refining tools , pls feel free contact us any time. Screw is CrMoV excessive alloy forging, thread kind has good fatigue resistance, no self-lock, secure set up, brief screw, increased press rigidity.

Be fastened a brick output cylinder 20 using when processing refractory brick below body 1 base switched reluctance machines 7, excessive-pressure oil pump 13, touch within the circuit with PLC cyclelog sixteen electric control methods that numerical control show screen 15, brake cylinder 17, button 18, cooling blower 19, brick output cylinder 20 be connected, also be provided with air swap QF, fastp-performing fuse FU, management transformer T, A.C. contactor KM and relay K A.

They’re power related machines in that the upper die strikes down till the vitality is absorbed by the deformation of the half or the press body. 1. Principal engine adopts program controlled thin oil lubrication system, screw, nut and guide rail undertake program controlled grease lubrication system.

Forging machines are principally double-acting mechanical presses working in a horizontal plane. Stroke vitality energy, the same as excessive-vitality energy machine, can output set vitality energy at any position without travel restriction. The screw rotor propels the oil supplies inward and squeeze them.

Background technology has processing refractory brick or is used for the friction press of forging, punching press use, is to lean on motor to be with movable slider to move up and down in body by flat wheel of vertical wheel friction, and the object on the assist lower platform is hit.As a result of vertical wheel peace wheel rubs for a long time, accent loss is large, fault price is high, and the power consumption of motor long time steady working is high, and Artificial Management operates, and assault precision is also poor.