Home design concept

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for the interior environment are constantly updated and developed, constantly showing its colorful side. Therefore, a good interior design can bring us extraordinary experience and feeling, but there is a difference between good and bad interior decoration, good decoration can play a “finishing touch” effect, poor decoration not only affects the aesthetic, but also may bring negative impact on your emotions, so that the interior design is also delicate.

Today I’m here to share with you the six design ideas about interior design.

1, the space element

The basic element of the design is to plan the space reasonably, the good use of space can give people the feeling of beauty, like the Suzhou garden, is concerned about the symmetrical beauty.

And the times are constantly developing and progressing, many aesthetic arts are also being improved, as the protagonist of the new era, we should explore new forms of space utilization for our own good life, do not stick to the original restrictions, and seek better space ideas for our interior design.

2, color elements

Scientific research shows that the color of the interior decoration, in addition to the visual, will have an impact on people, but also to our emotions, psychological bring adverse effects. Reasonable use of color is not only beneficial to people’s physical and mental health, color processing appropriate both to meet the functional requirements, but also to achieve a bright effect. Interior color in addition to the general use of common colors, but also with the changing aesthetics of the times and different. In the decorative design must pay attention to the selection and matching of colors.

3, light and shadow elements

People love the beauty of nature, often the sunlight directly into the room to eliminate the sense of darkness and closed interior, top light and soft scattered light, can make the interior become more closely natural. The change of light and shadow makes the interior more colorful and gives people a variety of different feelings. So in the interior design, pay attention to the effect of light and shadow produced by the ornaments.

4, decorative elements

The overall space of the interior is missing architectural elements, such as walls, columns, walls, etc., to be decorated with the needs of the function, interior decoration to make the space become more perfect. The characteristics of different decorative materials should be fully used out, so that you can get different styles of interior art effects, and also show the cultural atmosphere of different places.

5、Furnishing elements

Indoor furniture, carpets, curtains, etc. are the necessities of life, they are often shaped with the characteristics of furnishings, play a decorative role, applicable and decorative should be a compromise between each other, so that the function and form of unity and change, so that the interior space becomes comfortable and decent, rich in personality characteristics.

6、Greening elements

Interior design in greening has become an important means of improving the indoor environment. Indoor flowers and plants, not only can communicate with the indoor and outdoor environment, but also can expand the sense of indoor space, in addition, natural flowers and plants can also add to the vitality of space, to bring a different feeling of home life.