PP Melt Blown Filter with PP Core

Item Description
PP Melt Blown Filter with PP Core

CPPS Cartridges’ Micro Grooved Finishing builds the cartridge surface region by 35%, incredibly
further developed soil holding limit while keeping up with the ordinary stream rate. Uniquely scorched for fiber
movement free activity, CPPS is generally utilized in electronic and drug enterprises. Reviewed
pore dept channel media type. No center coating required.
CPPS is outright grade liquefy blown polypropylene cartridge. The test showed that it is 95%
foreign substance molecule maintenance proficiency with a solitary pass.
Micron range: 0.5,1,5,10,25,50,75,100 micron.
Length: Log made of ceaseless length. 10~40″ typical length. Uniquely cut accessible.
Effectiveness: Absolute appraising, 95% foreign substance molecule maintenance proficiency with a solitary pass.
Media grade: Exclusively FDA agreeable media, no silicon and different kinds of defilement.
High stream rate, low tension drop
Huge foreign substance maintenance limit, expanded assistance life.
Ideal supplanting pressure differential 0.25MPa, Max. 0.35MPa
Wide synthetic compatibilities.

Channel Cartridge Code Identification

CPPM-Standard Polypropylene soften blown/Nominal Ratio,Removal proficiency >85%
CPPH-High thickness Polypropylene soften blown/orange surface/High weight/Nominal Ratio, Removal effectiveness >98%
CPPX-High Flux polypropylene dissolve brown/cut sections/Middle weight/Absolute Ratio,Removal proficiency >90%
CPPV-High Flux and long life polypropylene dissolve blown/Glues supporting fiber accomplished/Middle weight/Absolute Ratio,Removal proficiency >98%
CPPS-High thickness Polypropylene liquefy blown/Heated notches/High weight/Absolute Ratio,Removal proficiency >95%
CPPA-High thickness Polypropylene soften blown/Heated coated/High weight/Absolute Ratio, Removal effectiveness >99%
CPML-PP dissolve earthy colored cartridges with pp supporting focal centers/Nominal Ratio,Removal proficiency >85%
CPHL-High thickness Polypropylene liquefy meltblown machine manufacturers blown with pp supporting focal centers/orange surface/High weight/Absolute Ratio, Removal effectiveness >98%


  • Pre-channel of drinking water framework
  • Pre-channel of R.O framework and others water framework
  • Oil evacuation industry
  • Food and refreshments industry
  • Visual industry
  • Drug store industry
  • Electroplating, carving and picture improvement processes in PCB industry
  • Filtration of electroplating liquid in regular electroplating industry
  • Trap channel of DI water filtration framework for industry

Three-Layer Blue Disposable Masks, Melt-blown Cloth Protective Masks, Labor Protection Masks, Prevent Dust, Non-Woven Masks


  1. Severe norm and superior grade.
  2. Rich experience for a long time.
  3. Great work space and stable creation limit.
  4. Cutthroat value, Fast conveyance, and astounding help.
  5. OEM request is accessible.

Extent of use:
For the expelling on the web processes with multi, corresponding and high exact of materials like pellets, sheets, regrinds or powder in plastics industry. Gravimetric dosing and mixing unit for direct establishment on the gulf rib of a plastics handling machine or on floor stand. The unit can portion and mix up to 4 parts by standard and can be customized for 6 parts or more. Material mixing with high exactness and repeatability, explicitly intended for infusion shaping/blow forming machines and extruders with a throughput from 50kg/h to 3000kg/hr. Genuine metered and gauged sums are continually checked against the pre-chosen set qualities by a cutting edge PLC based control. This ensures an astoundingly high formula exactness (±0.1~±0.3%) by constant self-optimization.Dosing range: primary part 5 – 100 percent, Dosing range: added substance 0.5 – 10% – Power supply 1PH/230V 50HZ for CGB50 – CGB400, 3PH400V50HZ for CGB600 – CGB3000.
1.Alll parts open for simple cleaning;
2.Suitable for handling up to four parts at the same time;
3.Built-in programmed stacking control techniques;
4.PLC regulator, dependable execution, helpful upkeep;
5.Adopting progressed control calculation, independent improvement, programmed adjustment and shaking forestall work, guarantee the best precision;
6.Color graph shown, contact screen activity, three dialects on-line exchanging;
7.Turbo control mode, further develop creation;
8.Up to 100 plans can be put away for sometime in the future;
9.Multilevel secret word insurance and verifiable alert record;
10.USB2.0 connection point for saving formula information to streak plate, Facilitate the Quality Management;
11.With sound and light alert, work with administrator rapidly and precisely arrive to blame machine region;
12.All unrefined substance contact parts are made by hardened steel, forestall the materials being dirtied
13.All crude contact parts are made by treated steel, forestall the materials being contaminate

Produced using 100 percent unadulterated Polypropylene sap, plan for the decrease of soil, rust, and unanticipated particles. Continuously free construction from inside to outside upgrade the cartridge execution.

l Thermally self-fortified miniature fiber development
l Designed for sanitization and great for food contact
l Graded pore structure upgrades soil holding limit
l No fiber delivering and media relocation
l Wide synthetic similarity
l Spun filaments from a genuine angle thickness from external to inward surfaces
l High foreign substance holding limit

l Pre-treatment of drinking water framework
l Oil evacuation industry
l Food and refreshments
l Photographic industry
l Pharmacy industry
l Pre-treatment of modern DI&RO framework
l Low thickness liquids